What Spring Looks Like: Ocean City, MD + Bethany Beach, DE

In the middle of preparing and getting ready to launch my new brick and mortar studio in Station North Arts District, I decided to take a day off.  A friend’s birthday, a girls day out; Ocean City, MD and Bethany Beach in the off-season. It was cold rainy, warm and windy. This is what I saw.


You Are Still the One

Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous husband, to us.
As I sat here this morning thinking of marriage, my marriage, I was eating gourmet jelly beans and had an epiphany. Love and marriage is like a mouthful of Jelly Belly beans. You take that first bite and it’s joyous, the second is full of surprise and on it goes. Spicy, soothing, fire, coffee? I love so many things about him, about us. I try not to share too much so others won’t get jealous.

He’s the man who couldn’t wait to begin our marriage, so we preplanned our elopement. He wiped away the morning sickness, faced a choice of losing me or our unborn baby, and has encountered prejudice for loving me. He makes me cry with his tenderness and makes me proud just for being himself. I love that we fit.

thinking about Louis


sofia, a barn, papa & trees

for a photographer, the hardest people to photograph is our immediate family. d the two people i love the most are the hardest for me to capture because,  they never sit still, they are always running, they have their own agenda even on a shoot day. my heart and soul are my husband and our daughter sofia. new year’s day, we drove into the country to see our dear friend, Lisa. she fed us on homemade eggnog and other delicacies. we decided to take a look at the remaining barn on her families maryland property. sofia explored the barn, ran around the old baseball field and tired out her dad. it’s the slow down moments that make you so thankful for what you have and fill you up with love.  i love my family and i hope you can see why i love them too.




For a full slideshow, click here:  sofia, a barn, papa & trees


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