So You Think You Can Dance?

My daughter thinks she can dance.  She thinks she can dance salsa, samba and of course, her own private happy dance. This is her private happy dance.

she thinks she can dance

It seems all summer I’ve been dancing a somewhat fun, but complicated dance with my business and art.  I’ve been balancing wedding photography and art openings and my own personal development with family, friends and sanity.  I had a successful show, Body Politic I, at the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center that ran from July through mid September. As a proud affiliate of The Black Male Identity Project, I received a grant from Baltimore Office Promotion of the Arts to present this show and programming for Free Fall Baltimore 2011.

I will have a month of programming for the month of October at the Station North Arts Cafe, located at 1816 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD.  Please come support Free Fall Baltimore, Station North Arts and me if you are so inclined.

October 8th, Opening reception of Body Politic II, 6-8pm

October 14th, Grits and Gravy Artist Talk, 11am-12pm, Second Friday

October 19th, ‘Just Do the Work’ Business of Art Discussion, 11am-1pm

October 27th, Exhibition Closing, Spoken Word Night, 5pm-7pm

Enjoy the dance and hope to see you all soon.



spring design fever.


if you are on the east coast, you know that we’ve been experiencing a bit of spring.  i’m cynical about this spring weather in february since my feet are still cold from being snowed in. twice. good news is that the creative juices are flowing, and a fantastic new website is on the horizon.  i’m working with a new graphic designer with great vision. i can’t wait to have a website that is completely me and hopefully appeals to YOU.  it’s been a great year so far and i can’t wait for all the couples  and families queuing up for their spring session.  enjoy the warm, rainy, cloudy weather.




in the city with megan + the boys

a friend of a friend is nice. a friend of a close friend is even better. from our first contact megan was excited to have a family session with her boys. too cold to be outside, we decided for some indoor studio time. my rules at the studio for kids and parents alike are, 1. no wanton destruction of property and 2. no fire starting
these two rules cover a lot and actually make for a fun day. parents get a little nervous about my relaxed style in-studio, but i never want to dampen children’s natural energy. that’s what i want to capture. so with help and genius from the man crew, we had a great time. my new friend brendan and i had a cuddle and jake was begging to be squeezed,  but he was having none of it.

For a complete slideshow click here:  in the city with megan + the boys


no nades in palm springs

i loved living in california. i think somehow i’ve been tagged by it.  as summer is almost coming to an end and i think of the fences we put up in our own lives. there are boundaries that made sense at one point, but no longer are significant.  here is to cutting away at fences without meaning, swimming in the desert without a lifeguard and enjoying life!

creative live & jasmine-star

for the past two days i have been attending a event featuring wedding photographer supreme, jasmine star. i wasn’t going to attend because my focus in not weddings, but i love a good story and great info. jasmine’s blog, always has both. all i can say is fire in hole, and join the party