From Ama Chandra: Loving Miles…


Laughing, loving MaeLee and Miles

With great courage and love, our friend Ama Chandra delivered twins Miles and MaeLee.  Today she will be letting Miles say goodbye.  With all her love, she wanted to share Miles with you all.  Our friend always shows great spirits and uplifts others, even in her most difficult moments.  Many of you have asked how you can help Ama during this time.  Please contact me directly at or via facebook @KafiD’Ambrosi. Ama also requested that you leave your comments here on the blog so that she can read each one instead of on facebook.  “Thank you all for your love.” – Ama

Mamma love you Miles-



Miles and MaeLee

Miles + MaeLee

Mamma + Miles




51 thoughts on “From Ama Chandra: Loving Miles…

  1. My heart goes out to you and your family Ama. You know I love and appreciate your spirit, your song, your life. Continue to be strong as I know you will. In EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS!!!! Much love.

  2. My whole heart goes out to you and your family. I pray for strength and understanding. Im sorry you have to go through this.The creator has a plan that we dont understand yet. He watches over you and his family u will meet again.

  3. May God be with you all at all times. I happen to see this story throught another friends post, althought i do not know u personally Im prayer for the strength and love of God keep you and hold you during this difficult time. God bless the family and the two angels that are forever in your hearts.

  4. Ama we have only met once or twice briefly but I know are my WOP Sis so I would like to let you know that I am praying for you and your family during this difficult time. Miles is loved. God bless him. You have a angel.

  5. You are a valuable treasure. Partly because of what has happened on your journey thus far; but mainly because of what you will be in the bye and bye. Love C.

  6. Every moment of life is a miracle. Although we wish he was still here, I’m glad to know you and Miles shard the miracles of life and love with each other. You can see it in the pictures and your poem is beautiful and real. Thank you, Ama and Miles.

  7. Sending you hugs & healing vibes sister Ama, my condolences to you & your family.
    I’m sure baby Miles will be watching over you & Maelee like the brave angel that he is.
    Much Love.

  8. All my love you Mama Ama, you are such a beautiful Soul. …I want to share that before we said goodbye to my grandson.. I kissed him and told him we would not hold him here if he could not stay and thanked him for blessing our lives with his arrival. I told him that is was okay to leave this place and to please come back and we would be waiting whenever he was ready…I am sure that Miles will come to you again….Thank you for sharing this moment with us

  9. I am a friend of Natisha. I am sorry for your loss and pray God will carry you thru this rough time. Be strong!!!

  10. Ama I am sorry Miles came and left way too soon. You are in my thoughts as I pray for your strength. His twin sister also has lost her half but strength of love is much needed for her and your first born. May our (your extended family & friends) love surround you Mama. Much love
    Dawn Adjoa Paciencia

  11. Our thoughts, prayers and love are focused on you sister Ama, baby Miles, and family.
    May Divine comfort and love surround and keep you. We love you.
    Supa Nova Slom & Lalah

  12. Mama AMA, I AM so sorry for your loss but i know that he came to the most beautiful strong loving mother.he maybe gone but he will live in our hearts because you open your heart and soul to us and allowed us to share in your lives every step of the way. so he has left his sister to love you and care and cherish please know that you are in my heart and prayers and i am sending you lots of love and hugs. love always .natalie

  13. Ama,
    Sir Miles knows nothing but love. He was carried in love, born into love and it is love that carries him to his ancestors. Miles is a blessing. Miles is love. Miles is.
    Your family is in my prayers.

  14. My dearest,dearest sister Ama ,you are my soul and my hearts inspiration ,I can’t even imagine …I am so proud of you right now. Seeing these pictures of you and my boy makes my heart full.Miles could have not asked for a better mommy than you ,I pray you find comfort in knowing that he is loved and lives inside our hearts forever .Thank you for helping him feel real love while he was here however briefly ,these pictures speak volumes of LOVE to me ,your love is sweet love and I know he felt and recieved it Mei lee and Tano will also need that love now more than ever,rest on us my sister for we are here for you all ! I thank you for sharing this most private of moments with us ,you are phenominal woman AMA CHANDRA and I LOVE YOU !

  15. Ama you know I love you sis. I’ve had you,the babies and Tano close to my heart all week. I’m so sorry for your loss. Every life is precious and purposeful no matter the length of time a person lives. Although my twins were never born I know that the pain of losing a child is profound. It’s amazing to read these comments here and to see how many women we know have experienced a similar journey. You are surely loved and you are not alone. If you need anything you know I’m a phone call/text away.
    Also thanks to you and Kafi for sharing these beautiful pics with us.

    Much love to you and your family,

  16. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so very sad. I’m sure Miles will be with you in spirit always

  17. Ama sis-star my heart goes out to you. I know how happy you were caring your previous little ones. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your little one is now an angel. I pray you find peace during this trying time. Love you much.

  18. Ama, I don’t know you but I do know you are a strong woman!!! I know God gave Miles his wings as He gave my son Bedford wings over 30 years ago as he took one breath and left this world. Even though I had 5 beautiful babies after him, I still hold him close to my heart. May God give you strength and inner peace.

  19. ‎”father into your hands we commend his spirit” Ama Chandra you already know and i hope you are proud of this lil selfless angel/gentleman… his short life had a purpose … “it is finished!”. i know i have said this before and i’ll say it again, that little man fought hard and you so graciously accepted and did all you could, now urs and May lee’s guardian through these past 6 months is resting and i pray you continue to accept this destiny and find peace and comfort thru it all.

  20. Chandra, words can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Continue to trust in God and he will carry you through the tough moments.

  21. I’ll never stop being your sister… I love u much more than u ever knew, and I’m always connected to you through Spirit, Het Heru, Ausar… The Universe… I’m not going anywhere, and will always be here. Everything happens for a reason, Miles is so loved by me.. I’ve been loving your love-filled belly with joy since you revealed to me that you were expecting. This is all guided by God Almighty, and you’re strong, even when you are in mourning, even when you cry…. please utilize me… I’m only a few hours away and will be MORE than happy to come sit wit you, cook for you, clean for you, and keep your hair did while we talk, laugh, cry, and sit quietly TOGETHER. You’re my sister… and I love you.


  22. Chandra,
    Thank you for sharing Miles with us, if just for a while…
    We will continue to care for you & (our other child) MaeLee in the days to come…

  23. Ama,

    You are so loved. Your strength is a Beacon for other women. Wishing you the most peaceful journey Miles. Filled with Love and God’s Divine Light.

  24. Sweet Miles. You may not have saw every face that prayed and welcomed your journey to earth. May you know how much you were loved. And we loved you first because we love your mother. You could pick no finer woman to choose to bring you forth. May your love for her keep her and your siblings. Thank you for the powerful lessons you have taught all of us.

  25. With love and support and much respect for you and your journey, I pray for solace and comfort and peace in your heart. I pray that you stand as strong as you have as long as I have known you. I pray that you find the divinity in the moment and embrace it. I love you dearly and I call upon our ancestral spirits and divinities to carry you, encourage you and to bless you throughout this transition. You are loved loved loved. ~Omi

  26. Ama it was an absolutely amazing and healing experience to watch you hold your baby boy, singing so sweetly to him, sending the Sculptor to do His perfect work. You are an amazing light and so are little Miles and Mae Lee, and Tano. I cannot wait to see you again, thank you so much for living your life wide open and showing me what it means to be love.

  27. Good night, sweet baby. Your beauty and strength and love are amazing and awe-inspiring, Ama. I wish I could do something to show you that. You and your lovely family are in my thoughts. Please let me know if I can do anything.

  28. Ama, I am sorry about this difficult time. This path God has put you on is indeed tough, but nothing you are not prepared to endure. My thoughts and hugs are with you. -Donna

  29. Ama it was an absolutely amazing and healing experience to watch you hold your baby boy, singing so sweetly to him, sending the Sculptor to do His perfect work. You are an amazing light and so are little Miles and Mae Lee, and Tano. I cannot wait to see you again, thank you so much for living your life wide open and showing me what it means to be love.

  30. to miles

    My life has been a twilight stretching
    took years for my voice to find its rainbow
    this pot of gold sits in my adams apple
    i spit loose change sometimes
    sometimes i be everything and nothing
    let down and pick up
    these days when the wind sings
    a song it does not remember
    i have been more pick up
    than i have ever been let down
    more home than i have been road
    been labeled things you could never
    whisper to your mother under
    any circumstances
    but today
    today i saw a warrior
    today i felt the gaze of what man should be
    what healing means
    today i felt the black of my skin
    reach out and connect with spirit
    sung a song and made prayer
    made the passage way clear
    today miles showed me
    what it means to be faith
    how the sky must be feeling
    why the birds change with the season
    how people can be unpredictable circumstances
    and be walking heavens connected
    for purpose simply for what is right
    and like any lullabye
    things transcend move from the flesh
    and into a new way of being and existing
    so i wish i could sing the song of
    and yes the truth about warriors is always
    that they die
    but the healing is in what they die for
    and the gifts they give while they are here
    miles showed me love is free
    and freedom can only breath love
    took my twilight and made it star
    found the parts and shuffled me
    to a new understanding
    i held you peaceful
    held you love
    sweet hour of prayer i held you
    with fingers that no meaning
    till they touched your flesh
    in every action from now
    and when i see you again
    every word these lips speak
    will be the gift you gave to

  31. Miles, all of our love is with you sweetheart. Your momma is beautiful which you already know. Ama we are praying for all of you. Sending endless hugs, love, light and prayers.

  32. My dear Ama Chandra,

    I had the fortune of hearing you sing once, and was so moved by your energy, your spirit…your connection to your audience.

    I would say the same for Miles, that while your lives will not be intertwined with the years of him physically being here; he is more than fortunate to have had you carry, and then birth him, and touch him, even if momentarily.

    Your spirit is in the wind, and Miles will rest peacefully, touched by your song…your love, that rests his soul.

    Peace and blessing to you sister, to your family, to MaeLee…and to Miles.

  33. Words can not express how much I am with you right now! If you need me I am here. I love you my sister!!!! XOXOXO

  34. I’ve avoided posting or sending messages because words seem to fall short of the expression of the love and support that I’d like to convey. It is impossible for me to imagine how one endures such an experience. What I do know is that Miles has taken his place in that vast army of spirits standing at arms for you. And I am sure that the pain of this experience has armed you with the ability to love and be loved just that much more…with Miles, you’ve contributed to the beauty of heavens. I am continually amazed by the power of YOU.

  35. My heart hurts for you and I amazed at your strength. I wish we were closer. Just know that I am sending you hugs, love, and prayers from Texas. May you find comfort and peace in God. I love you.

  36. Our soldier Miles encompasses all that a real man would be for his family. We thank you for your bravery and strength! You are loved beyond measure.

  37. My dear friend my heart aches for you. I’ve walked your path. My twins Brandon and Brenda were born at 24 weeks. My son did not do well. My second set of twins only my daughter Shana survived. If you ever want to talk I am here. I looked at the photos and it took me right back there in an instant. I am so sorry for your loss, but grateful you were able to love Miles if only for a brief time. I wish you peace and healing.

  38. Ama, you are a wonderful mother, and Miles is beautiful and perfect, despite his short time on this Earth. I am blessed to know you and to have met your wonderful children. Blessings, and Love, Teporah

  39. Much love to you Ama. I too carried twins through a similarly difficult ordeal and only one survived. You and yours are definitely in my thoughts and prayers, and if you need to reach out ANYTIME, I’m here. ((hugs))

  40. My mentor carried twins. Grace and Nicolas. Nicolas did not make it very long in this world. Every time I see Grace, I wonder if she knows about her brother’s spirit. We like to say that Nicolas made the ultimate sacrifice and gave the little bit of strength to Grace so that she could live. I can’t wait to meet your baby girl. God bless them all. Ama, you are in my prayers and I am a phone call away.

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