happy birthday dad, we celebrated at WYPR

today is my dad’s birthday. tony brown passed away almost 25 years ago. it feels like yesterday, especially during those great life events. one thing i know is that he would have been completely enraptured by his granddaughter sofia.  she is the best of all of us.  today she did a PSA for The Family Tree of Maryland, which provides families with solutions for prevention of child abuse and neglect.  we love supporting The Family Tree. she was hilarious and after about 15 takes decided it was time to color. sofia often turns and i see my dad in her face and in her ways. we hope she doesn’t become a superstar. really. i love you dad.



sofia, papa, the script


getting miked



88.1 this is NPR



One thought on “happy birthday dad, we celebrated at WYPR

  1. beautiful pics! it was very generous of Sophia to give up her play time to give back to the community. The Family Tree is such a worthy organization to which to donate one’s time.

    I too lost my dad. it’s been 12 years now and I share your sentiments. I just wondered and hoped the other day that he can somehow have a glimpse of his grandchildren. I know he would have been tickled, enthralled and proud.

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