capello confections, home of the bisconne!

last fall, i took a little morning drive to beautiful town of port deposit, maryland. port deposit has an amazing history, but i didn’t go there for the history. i went for the bisconne.  mrs. capello is one of my favorite people, well since forever. when i heard she and her family opened a bakery shop, i knew it would be literally, confection heaven.  i went, i saw, and every edible item i captured, i tasted and maybe shared with my husband.  i can’t recall.  i enjoyed my  famous bisconne with coffee, and boxed up everything else. every morsel eyes closed fantastic.  so if you live in port deposit, or celebrate mother’s day, are participating in a wedding, gifting a tea time party or observing easter and/or all other holidays, capello confections is the place. capello’s forever! For the complete slideshow of Capello Confections & Main Street, Port Deposit, MD click here: Capello Confections & Main Street



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